These are images taken through SEM ( Scanning electron microscope).

Hope you all will like this…

Have a look and try to identify…

B cell lymphocyte

Blood clot

Blood vessels emerging from the optic nerve of the eye

Leukaemia blood cells

Red Blood Cells

Human Egg with coronal cells

Human Embryo and sperm

Inside view of a fallopian tube

Sperm on the surface of a human egg

6 day old human embryo implanting

Bone tissue

Osteoporotic bone

Human hair

Hair cell inside human ear

Split end of human hair

Taste bud in the tongue

Inner view of small intestine

Trachea mucous membrane

ALveoli inside the lung


Nerve support cell

Kidney glomerulus

Human sweat gland

Plague on tooth

Gall stone


Hyaline cartilage


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